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Level IV National Emergency Response Activated for Typhoon Rumbia in Shandong Province

from: Ministry of Emergency Management time: 2018-10-05 13:35

At 5:00 pm of August 20th,China National Commission for Disaster Reduction and the Ministry of EmergencyManagement urgently activated Level ⅣNational Emergency Response for the disaster situation of Typhoon Rumbia in ShandongProvince. A working team comprised of the Disaster Relief Department, FireDepartment and National Disaster Reduction Center of China has been sent to theaffected areas to inspect the disaster condition, guide the local disasterrelief and search-and-rescue operations to ensure the basic livelihood ofthe affected people, minimize disaster loss, safeguard people's lives andproperties and maintain social stability.

        According to the reportsfrom Civil Affairs Department of Shandong Province, parts of ShandongProvincehave suffered from strong rainfalls inducedby Typhoon Rumbia since August 19 th, causing severe floods. Up to 5:00pm of August 20 th, the disaster has affected 3,807,000 people in 61counties (cities, districts) of 13 cities including Weifang, Zibo and Tai'anCity, causing 6 deaths, 15 missing, 110,000 person-times emergency relocationand resettlement and 17,000 people in need of emergency life assistance. Over 1,300houses collapsed and 24,000 houses were subject to different degrees of damage.397,000 hectares of crops were affected with over 23,700 hectares of totalfailure. After the disaster, the DisasterReduction Commission and Civil Affairs Department of ShandongProvince urgently activated level III provincial emergency relief response andappropriated 11 million yuan of provincial disaster relief funds,allocating 400 tents, 800 folding beds, 1,600 toweling blankets and otherrelief supplies to serious affected areas in Weifang City. Currently, therelief work is being carried out in an orderly manner.